Sh. AA Siddiqui, IPS ADGP cum Nodal Officer Community Policing Punjab (Now Retd. DGP Punjab), inaugurated CPRC Kapurthala On 16/04/2003, which is functioning very efficiently. This office has been registered vide registration No. KPT/ARS/391 of 2003 under registration of societies Act. XXI of 1860. This Centre is functioning under the close supervision of Sh. Rakesh Agrawal, IPS, SSP Kapurthala & Sh. Mohinder Singh, PPS, DSP Special Branch, Kapurthala. With the establishment of CPRC, the common people are also coming to this Centre without any hesitation and they are guided properly and their problems are settled to some extent. So far 20000 men/women have visited this Centre every year. The needy people are also guided for free legal aid. All the records of this Centre is computerised and updated. The applicant can also obtain the required information on the Internet and telephone also. The foreigners coming to this Centre feel very easy and comfortable, as there is a good arrangement for seating. The staff of this Centre is well educated and very co-operative. The following offices are functioning in this Centre :-
All the foreigners including NRI´s holding passports of other countries with visas more than six months (180 days) are required to register themselves within 14 days of their arrival in India. Some Visas are affixed with stamp "No registration required if continuous stay does not exceed 180 days". In such cases they can register themselves within six months.
All foreigners registering themselves are required to submit the following documents; -
(1) Form of application.
(2) Surety bond by their nearest relatives duly attested by public notary on a 15 Rs. stamp paper with his residential proof.
(3) 4 passport size photographs.
(4) Photocopy of his passport including visa.

On receipt of above documents all the names are entered in a register maintained by this branch and their particulars are entered in the computer also. Then 3 copies of the residential permit are prepared with computer and affixed with photographs of the foreigner. After putting the stamps on residential permit and register are signed by the DSP/SB cum F.R.O. One copy of the residential permit is handed over to the foreigner on which he had to take clearance from this office at the time of his departure. This clearance is given after obtaining clearance report from concerned SHO, 5 to7days prior to his departure from India.
Those foreigners who wish to extend their stay can be granted Visa/Permission to stay up to 5 years subject to validity of his passport. They are required to submit extension application with the receipt of Visa fee duly deposited in Govt. treasury/State Bank of Patiala, Kapurthala. All the Visa Fee are deposited by the applicant himself in the Bank on 32-A Form which is completed/signed by this office.
This office provides registration application and Visa Extension application. The applicant has to arrange his Surety Bond and deposit visa fee only. All this process is completed on the same day.
In order to curtail inconvenience of the those NRIs who visit CPRC for extension of their visa a new scheme is introduced at CPRC under which the NRI need not to go to Tehsil and Bank for depositing Extension Fee. Now he will deposit the prescribed visa extension fee at CPRC for which he will be issued a proper receipt and the total amount will be deposited in Government Treasury in proper Head of Account in the evening same day by the representative of CPRC.
Economic Offences Wing is functioning in this Centre. This Wing is functioning under close supervision of DSP/SB Kapurthala. And deals with the applications/complaints pertaining to Economic Offences, such as Human Trafficing, Cheating, Fraud, Embezzlement and Forgery etc.
Applications are received at the Reception Counter and after entering in the Computer these are sent to the In charge of E.O.W. whereas some applications submitted to the Worthy SSP are received in daily mail of this centre. On receipt of application/complaints, both the parities are called through "Tamili Staff" to attend this Centre and their statements are recorded. After recording the statements the cases are considered on the basis of proof produced by both the parties. In the cases where solid proof are available criminal cases are got registered under relevant sections of law. Al the applications/Complaints received at this centre are disposed off within one month.
Women Cell is functioning in this Centre. This wing is working under close supervision of DSP/SB Kapurthala. All the cases pertaining to Dowry Demand, women staff deals with Domestic Violence, Mental torture and ill- treatment with the women. All the complaints/applications regarding crime against women are received at the reception counter, for which a receipt is issued to the complainant. All applications received at the counter are entered in the Computer and then sent to the Incharge Women Cell. In some cases where both the parties do not arrive at any conclusion, criminal cases are got registered against the defaulting party. In some cases they are advised to go to the Court for legal proceedings. Some husbands have also submitted their applications against their wives in women cell for justice.
In some cases, where no conclusion is arrived at initial stage, are put up in the weekly Counseling Committee for consideration. In such cases the Counseling committee takes the decision.
All the complaints/applications are disposed off within One Month.
National Status Verification
The national status verifications in respect of following categories of persons are verified through Police Department: -
  1. The persons who approaches Indian High Commissions in abroad for renewal, Issue of fresh passports.
  2. The persons residing in abroad and not holding travel documents and are in Custody of Police.
  3. The persons who are awaiting their deportation.
  4. The persons seeking migration in abroad.
  5. The persons not holding any documents and deported to India.
All the National status verifications are received at this center from A/DGP Int.Pb.CHG. Or Supdt. Passport Home Affairs Punjab Govt. and are entered in the computer/diary register and then sent to the SHOs concerned for verification and report within 7 days.
After receipt of report from the SHOs concerned, a letter addressed to the A/DGP Int Pb. Chg. and Supdt Passport Home Branch Pb. Chg. is prepared which is signed by the DSP/Special Branch Kapurthala. All the National status verifications are disposed off within 15 days.
Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
The following categories of persons are required PCC:-
  • The persons seeking migration abroad.
  • The persons residing in abroad and seeking permanent settlement

All the applications for PCC are received at the Reception counter for which a receipt is issued to the applicant with particular date after 15 days. All these applications are entered in computer and numbered accordingly. Then these applications are sent to the SHOs concerned for verification and return through Halqa GO. On receipt of reports from SHO concerned, the particular form for issue of PCC is completed and put up to the Worthy SSP for signature. All the applications for grant of PCC are disposed off within 15 days.
In order to cut down the inconvenience and harassment of the public in general, a new system has been set up to deliver the Police Clearance Certificate through Courier. The person desirous to obtain PCC will have to come to this office for applying PCC. Once applied, Police Clearance Certificate will be delivered to the applicant at his home through Courier after verification by the concerned Police Station.
Passport Verification forms are received at this center from Passport office & DC office Kapurthala.All the Passport verification forms received at this center are entered in the computer and computerized lists are prepared. One copy of the form is sent to the concerned police station for verification and the second copy is sent to A/DGP Int.Pb Chg. for CID verification. On receipt of both these forms duly verified these forms are sent back to RPO Jalandhar. All this process is completed with in 21 days approximately.
Similarly Police Clearance certificate is also issued by Passport Office, for which Passport Verification forms are also received for verification and are verified through SHO´s concerned on same pattern of Passport verification.
Similarly service verification are received in this branch which are verified through SHO concerned and CID Deptt. at Chandigarh and sent to DM Kapurthala within 21 days.
N.R.I. Cell
NRI Cell is also functioning at this Center under the close supervision of DSP In charge CPRC which hears the grievances of the NRIs and tries its best for removal of the same. DSP/SB Kapurthala personally deals with the cases/complaint of NRIs. Every possible help is provided to the NRIs with in the limits of law.
Free Legal Aid
The persons belonging to the weaker sections, such as SC/ST, Women, Children, persons affected by natural calamities and the persons whose annual income is less than Rs. 30,000 are entitled for free legal; aid. Such persons who cannot pay the expenses of their cases are advised for free legal aid and their cases are referred to Deputy Distt. Attorney for consideration.
Child Protection Unit
CPU is functioning at CPRC Kapurthala. The following facilities are provided by this unit.

  1. A child who is being inducted into Drug Abuse or Trafficking.
  2. A child abused, tortured or exploited.
  3. A child being denied his wages.
  4. A child who need shelter.
  5. A child who is alone and ill.
  6. A child who is abandoned.
Information Counter (Single window Services)
The following facilities are available at this counter: -

  • NOC for Vehicles. ( Motor Vehicle Co-ordination System of NCRB has been installed in this office.
  • Enquiries concerning Passports/PCC/National Status/Service Verifications. The information about any of the above facility is also provided on phone
Stranger Roll Branch
Stranger Roll Branch is functioning at this Center under the close supervision of DSP/SB Kapurthala. Character and antecedents of all migrant labour and new tenants are verified through there home district/state. So far five persons of migrant labour were found involved in criminal cases one of them was arrested and informed to the concerned police station.