about suwidha centre
Sukhmani society for citizen services is a society under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Kapurthala, which is running SUWIDHA (Single User Window Disposal and Helpline for Applicants) Centre with its district headquarters at Kapurthala to provide a gamut of IT-enabled services for convenience of the citizens. SUWIDHA Centre under one roof had been established in Nov 2003 in the DC Office Complex. The Centre has a fully furnished hall equipped with waiting number display machines on each counter, fire fighting equipments, auto door, seating arrangements, water cooler, public toilets. Sukhmani Society has three more SUWIDHA Centre at Sub Divisions Bholath, Sultanpur Lodhi and Phagwara for providing citizen services. SUWIDHA Centre acts as a single roof where citizens can apply for different documents  as per services given by the Centre and will receive the same from the Centre only and hence don’t have to apply for documents in the concerned departments located at different locations.